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“I Feel Frustrated”
This is The Mother Company version of the couples-on-the-couch interviews in “When Harry Met Sally.” Young children speak unscripted about feeling frustrated in humorous and honest ways. These clips are from our first DVD, entitled “RUBY’S STUDIO:  The Feelings Show,” which will be available for the Holidays, 2010. The show will feature these interviews, interspersed throughout a live-action hosted show, with at-home activities, animated segments, puppet shows and original songs. Stay tuned for more clips!

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    […] real kids about their views on whatever important topic we’re tackling for that show.  Click here to check out the adorable kids who waxed poetic on our first DVD, “The Feelings Show.” […]

  2. sugar mama

    “i’m frustrated when the candy is on the top shelf.” benjamin jenkins, age 5

  3. Steve

    It’s darling! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Melanie

    This is fantastic, what wonderful moments – looking forward to seeing more !!

  5. Wendy “MobiMom” Toone

    Well done! Captured adorable moments of kids being kids, talking kid speak. Good luck with the show, can’t wait to see more!

  6. Lesly Federici

    This is my first visit here and I LOVE it – especially this video. Kids are such a joy and this video is absolutely priceless. I’ll be back to see more – can’t wait

  7. tracie

    This is brilliant! And sweet! I love it.


    congratulations ……… amazing — incredible …. touches the heart of what “parent” is. … you have out done yourself… your site and vision will make a difference for so many. let me know if ican help in any way —


  9. Brandon

    Timeless images and a classic feel. Good onya Mother Company and company 😉

  10. Jodi, Samantha’s loving aunt

    OMG, you did it again! So this is what you’ve been up to! I love it…am about to forward it to a friend who just had twins.

  11. Curt Hagedorn

    For corporate and former corporate moms, Powerpoint is an excellent medium for do-it-yourself children’s books (think about it…:)

  12. Gidon

    This is fantastic! My wife loves the idea and I know this will help us with our twin boys.

  13. Michelle Gillette

    It’s darling! Can’t wait to see more!

  14. Barbara

    There sure is no better Mother’s Day present I could ever imagine.