Stop-Motion Animated Characters in out First Episode

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We felt nostalgic about the TV holiday specials that featured stop motion when we were kids so we simply had to include some in our show. These little fuzzy creatures are being animated for the “Little Lesson on Feelings” part of our first episode in our children’s series, “RUBY’S STUDIO”, which is now a book in both English and Spanish. We are blown away by the incredible vision and talent of Japanese craft & visual artist, Hine Mizushima, who hand-felted each character before going through the painstaking process of animating them.


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  1. Bruce Robb

    Can’t get enough of stop motion – love it whenever I see it. I’ve been in the animation business 20 years and sadly, can only count on one hand the number of series I’ve worked on that were stop-motion.

  2. Leslie Williams

    I love these little figures. They are awesome. I can’t wait to see them in action (or stop action!)

  3. Michelle Gillette

    So retro, friendly and yummy to the eyes…wish this was around when my lil’ peeps were tots!