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Halloween and the Importance of Make-Believe

Halloween lurks, and the excitement is tangible. Why do kids love getting dressed-up? Does this kind of make-believe serve our children on deeper levels beyond just the fun factor? Dorothy Singer, research scientist and author shrieks a blood-curdling, “Yes!”

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Avoiding the Good Cop/Bad Cop Parenting Trap

What does it mean when your child prefers one parent over the other? The Good Cop/Bad Cop phase can be a challenging one for families. We spoke to Eileen Kennedy-Moore PhD about how to work through it and avoid this parenting trap!

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Preserving Your Kid’s True Self

How do we encourage our kids to be who they are in this demanding, high-pressure world? We spoke to Dr. Madeline Levine about how to help our kids preserve their authentic selves in school and beyond.

Help, My Child Is a “Bully”

What do you do if your child is the one behaving like a “bully?” For most parents, this is a hard pill to swallow. We talked with Dina Olivas, LCSW, about how to age appropriately explain bullying to children and lessen the impact of guilt and other emotions brought on by the behavior.