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Daily Candy recommends Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show, calling it “Mary Poppins, Free to Be You and Me, and a parent/teacher conference rolled into one.”

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  1. ArteNisa

    The fact that some people think that they don’t or shoudln’t have to work because they are a teen infuriates me. If you get pregnant and decide to keep the baby, guess what? You are also deciding to fully emotionally and financially support the child on your own. You should never, for a moment, think that your parents, the father of the child, or welfare will support you. Although support from those three areas would be great and ideally family and fatherly support should be in place, it is so often not the case. Don’t feel you are entitled to anything other than working as hard as you can to support your child while continuing your education to better your life and your future child’s. I created a website dedicated to issues. The CA Pregnant and Parenting Youth guide is a great start, but the fact that it IS unbiased is an issue. It won’t provide you the REAL DEAL.