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The Drawbacks to Medicating Children

Do the benefits of medications for behavioral conditions such as ADHD and ADD outweigh the risks? Dr. Marilyn Wedge offers some important statistics about the increasing number of children receiving medications in the U.S., and discusses some alternative therapies.

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Boys Behaving Badly?

“Boys will be boys.” We’ve all heard it – but does it just condone bad behavior? And what is “bad behavior” anyway? Acclaimed author, Michael Thompson, challenges our assumptions and approaches to raising emotionally intelligent boys.

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Boys Have Feelings, Too

Mom Erin Janda Rawlings describes her own hurdles in coming to understand, accept and maneuver through her son’s emotional universe.

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A Lesbian Mom Speaks Up

LGBT activist, Kathy Young gives a window into the great obstacles and vast joys of being a Lesbian mom today.

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What Happens When Parents Yell at Children

You blow your top trying to solve a conflict with your child, and the situation deteriorates further. Quick! Read this interview with Dr. Laura Markham, who loads us up with tips on how to get your kids to do what they don’t want to do — without yelling!