Audio: Stay-at-Home-Dads Rap about their Family Role

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The Dads from L-R: Laren, Jim and Dan

Statistics vary depending on the source, but in the United States, stay-at-home-dads number somewhere between over 600,000 and upto 2 million. Jeremy Adam Smith, author of the book, The Daddy Shift, says it’s a cultural shift that’s happening in all sorts of families across America regardless of religion, race and ethnicity. In this audio piece, we take you to Silicon Valley, where the wives of three men earn enough to support the family, allowing for their husbands to look after the kids and home. These guys are the new frontier of manhood, and they’re loving it (most of the time!) — Laurel Moglen, Managing Web Editor, TMC

Jim & Skylar


Dan & Piper

Laren & Becca

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  1. ben @ geekswing

    Just wrote a blog post about how “accomplished” I felt taking the kids for a day…until realizing this is what full-time mommies and daddies do EVERY day (and then remembered this post too and linked to it!). Another thanks to full-time moms and dads for being awesome!

  2. Ben @ geekswing

    This is so great 🙂 so great! I had to listen to it a few times mostly because Kayla was with me and she kept yelling out “It’s Uncle Jim and Skylar!!”. And so many great points too. I hope this brings a lot more awareness to parenting as an important role. I like the point brought up that women and moms have been doing this for years! And now as some dads are being full time parents the amazing range of responsibilities a parent takes on is getting more exposure. And the second point I like is that dads as the main stay-at-home parent will be getting exposure too (and hopefully more acceptance in parenting groups as one of the other dads said). I love love love this post.

    My wife and I discuss this from time to time and while I am not the stay-at-home dad, if I should ever be I hope to embrace it as much as these three guys do. Thanks dads!

  3. Dan

    Good work, dads. With so many dads co-parenting or being the primary care giver, maybe Web sites like this should use a more gender-neutral word when talking about parenting.

    • Samantha Kurtzman-Counter


      We agree that dads need to get credit alongside moms for childrearing these days (hence this podcast) — we are only “The Mother Co.” because we are a group of mamas who started this company with our mission to Help Parents Raise Good People – but dads are welcome and embraced in everything we do. Thanks for your comment!

  4. DB

    Love this piece. Great slice-of-life podcast highlighting an ever-growing but seldom heard from parenting demographic. I enjoyed getting to listen to these dads really talk in greater length about their experiences & their reality as stay-at-home parents (vs tidy sound bites). Gave me a real sense if them as people, as parents. Thanks!

  5. Alisa

    I love these guys and applaud them for doing what is authentically them, for choosing to be there for their kids in such a meaningful way. Their work is so important because they are raising the next generation of humans on this planet and giving society well adjusted and nurtured adults which is obviously a great gift to all of us.

  6. Abbie

    I love hearing him talk about the dad-double standard. So true.