The Mother Company Giveaway

The Mother Company is hosting a contest! The winner, chosen at random, will have the great luck to receive a care package loaded with TMC creations, all meant to help parents support their children’s social and emotional health.

A segment from our new DVD, “Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show”

The Mother Company set includes: two DVDs, “Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show,” and “Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show,” two plush dolls (so soft and cuddly!), the book, When Miles Got Mad (a story to help kids express themselves to help their big feelings get smaller), and a $25 gift certificate to Amazon!

We all want to raise good people, and The Mother Company has your back. To that end, we have a robust blog rich with expert interviews tackling tough parenting issues. Our videos welcome kids into Ruby’s loving, light filled studio surrounded by art, music and animation. Kids are exposed to discussions about expressing feelings and building friendships. Our artfully designed books feature stories kids can relate to, modeling specific ways to problem-solve. To help kids learn and have fun at the same time, we have an iPad app.

In the comment section below, please answer our one question, and you’ll gain more points for the giveaway!

When you were little, what was the reason you had your first fight with your best friend?


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Comments (4)

  1. Elisa

    Let him learn on his own – he’s social! Just encourage sharing and polite behavior

  2. Tiffanie

    I remember having a fight with my brother over which side of the car that we wanted to sit on. He wanted to sit behind the passenger seat because my dad was driving and had longer legs than mom. I wanted to sit on the passenger side just to irritate him! Long live the little sister!!!

  3. Laura

    I remember getting angry at a friend who was a “know it all”. She told me I was wrong about something and I didn’t talk to her for days. I didn’t know how to deal with it, I didn’t have help dealing with it, and so we never became close friends even though we lived near to each other.

  4. Sarah

    The first fight I remember with my best friend happened because I didn’t want to share a new toy with her. I don’t remember what the toy was, but I do remember that it was something she had wanted as well. Vague, I know, but I remember being uninvited to her house and being so upset about it. Anyway, amazing giveaway – thanks much for the chance to win!