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Top Four Safety Tips for Kids

Ready for a few safety tips, that will serve to keep your child safer, and put you more at ease? Read on…

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Neon Shirts and Uh-Oh Feelings: Summer Safety for Kids

Do your children know what to do if they become lost? Who should they turn to? As we head out to the crowded parades and amusement parks of Summer, renowned child safety expert, Pattie Fitzgerald, offers some savvy tips for playing it safe.

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Safety Sense for Parents and Kids

How do we teach our children safety rules without scaring them about the big bad world? Pattie Fitzgerald, founder of Safely Ever After, leads the way, sharing sensible and learnable tips.

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VIDEO: How to Make a Safety Wristband

Video: Learn how to make a safety wristband for your kids — a great safety tool and fun to make! See this clip from Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show.

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Kids and Gun Safety

Gun debate meets playdate. If you have concerns about the safety of a house where your kid is playing, read on for sage advice from emergency pediatric physician, Dr. Denise Dowd.

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Join Us for a Safety Webinar!

Join The Mother Company for a  FREE webinar on personal safety! Talking to young children about …

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Announcing Our Latest Book: A Little Book About Safety!

June is National Safety Month, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest book: “A Little Book About Safety” — a companion to our award-winning “Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show!” With vibrant summery colors, humorous characters, and familiar situations, “A Little Book About Safety” helps kids absorb tips and strategies to help them stay safe — with no scare tactics or “ick factor.”