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“The Friend Ship” – Learning to Make Friends

Before becoming a mom, TMC President Sam Kurtzman-Counter never really thought of friendship as a skill to be learned. Read on as she talks about watching her own child work through the process of making friends, learning tools that might not necessarily come naturally to young kids.

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Announcing: “Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show!”

How can we talk to our children about safety without scaring them? In answer to this #1 concern of parents and caregivers of young children, The Safety Show, the latest installment in the multiple award-winning ‘Ruby’s Studio” series, takes a modern, empowering approach to kids’ personal safety.

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Event: Defiant to Cooperative in Three Steps with Noel Janis-Norton

Can it be?! Three steps to transform our kids’ behavior from defiant to cooperative? We’re there! Come join us for incredibly useful information on getting our kids to cooperate the first time we ask with renowned early childhood development expert Noël Janis-Norton.

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The Babysitter is Here. And it’s Grandpa.

Grandparent as babysitter. We are grateful. But, sometimes the judgement used confounds us parents. Kelcey Kintner, the blogger behind The Mamabird Diaries shares the (mostly!) upside of having her dad look after her kids.

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Twitter Chat: Let’s Talk about Bullying

Twitter Chat: Join on us Tuesday, October 8th at 1pmPT/4pmET for a discussion about bullying and what parents can do to curb and guide the bully/victim roles.

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The Mother Company Giveaway

Want some free Mother Company loot? One lucky winner stands to enjoy one of the sweetest care packages around!

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Why You Need to Talk to your Kids about Race

Feel awkward when your child points out someone’s skin color different from his/her own? Grace Hwang Lynch says, it’s the perfect opportunity to speak candidly about race with our young kids.