Behavioral Issues (38)

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Learning to Fight Fair

Grown-ups have a hard enough time fighting fair, so what do we do to help our kids deploy problem-solving skills? Dr. Heather Turgeon shares some valuable tools for helping our kids solve conflict.

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Four Tips to Defeat Back Talk and Sass

Is the back talk and sass emanating from your precious child’s mouth getting you down? Dr. Michele Borba shares four doable tips to turn that bad attitude around!

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Choosing to Homeschool

Ever stare in amazement at homeschooling parents? How and why would they take on such an endeavor? Laura Grace Weldon explains, and her points might just encourage you to set-up shop.

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How To Avoid Raising an Entitled Child

Rude, entitled kids anyone? Do you have one? Do you *want* one? (We didn’t think so!) Susan Newman, shoots straight with advice about how to avoid raising a child with entitlement issues.

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The Power of “Yes”

“Don’t!” “Stop it!” “That’s not okay!” Feeling like a broken record when speaking to your child? Mary Hartzell, early childhood development expert says, injecting more (reasonable) “yeses” in a day will help everyone feel better.

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Friday Round-Up: Five Top Tips for Discipline

Searching for a discipline toolbox filled with tidy tips powered up and ready to adjust any discipline technique? Read on valiant parent, and reach in. Your tools are waiting….

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Do Time-Outs Work?

How’s the time-out working for ya? If your experience is like lots of parents, you might be seeking alternatives to what often ends up in a battle of wills. Noel Janis-Norton shares how “earning privileges” is another good alternative to the much-debated Time-Out.

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To Spank or Not to Spank

What do you think about the use of spanking as a discipline tool? Effective? Not effective? This piece features two opposing views on the merits and demerits of physically disciplining kids.