Holidays (24)

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Love and Marriage…and Kids

How important is it to make a real point of showing love to your partner in front of the children? “Very!” says Dr. Laura Markham.

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What We’re Hearing

What parents can learn from the legacy of Nelson Mandela, 15 holiday children’s book recommendations, and 50 meaningful holiday traditions — these posts and more, all gathered from the web to support and inspire our parenting.

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A Simple Holiday: Fewer Toys and More Time

Feeling pressured to buy your child everything they want for the holidays? Kim John Payne shares why a ton of toys can be hazardous to your kid’s health!

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Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

Whatever feelings you might have about the holiday weeks ahead, Kyran Pittman, blogger of “Planting Dandelions,” gives us some straight talk about how to travel right with the kids.

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What We’re Hearing

A teacher in Mexico bucks conventional teaching methods and his students thrive, why love is action, and are we guiding our kids to be too careful? These topics are addressed in the posts we’ve gathered from around the web to support and inspire our parenting.

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Kids’ Halloween Costumes: Why So Sexy?

Bare midriffs? Short dresses? When do parents say enough is enough to the sexualization of kids’ Halloween costumes?! Melissa Atkins Wardy, author of “Redefining Girly: How Parents Can Fight the Stereotyping and Sexualizing of Girlhood, from Birth to Tween,” shares her insight.

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The Art of Manliness

Brett McKay, founder and editor of the popular blog The Art of Manliness, turns to the ancients for his definition of what it is to be a man and father in the modern world.

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Share our Mother’s Day eCards and Win!

Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate and share the joys of motherhood with our beautiful (and not to mention hilarious) new eCards. Share with your friends and enter for your chance to win prizes!

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Teaching Manners to Kids

Did misbehavior drive you nuts over the Holidays? Many of our children clearly revealed their need for a little manners tune-up! Check-out what kinds of manners our 3-6 year-olds are capable of learning from Sheryl Eberly, author of “365 Manners Kids Should Know”.