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Redirecting the Holiday “Gimmes”

PRESENTS! The children have been waiting all year. But how can parents give to their kids without nurturing a sense of entitlement? Parenting expert, Betsy Brown Braun kicks in some great tips and scripts to help parents counter the excessive expectations of the Holidays.

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How to Fix a Spoiled Attitude in Four Steps

Four tips to curb and change a spoiled attitude from Dr. Michele Borba.

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Avoiding the Good Cop/Bad Cop Parenting Trap

What does it mean when your child prefers one parent over the other? The Good Cop/Bad Cop phase can be a challenging one for families. We spoke to Eileen Kennedy-Moore PhD about how to work through it and avoid this parenting trap!

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Children and Hoarding: Help Kids Get Rid of Their Toys

It’s time for a little spring cleaning! How can we help our little ones part with their forgotten toys? Read on to hear tips from Carolyn Koehnline, from

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A Simple Holiday: Fewer Toys and More Time

Feeling pressured to buy your child everything they want for the holidays? Kim John Payne shares why a ton of toys can be hazardous to your kid’s health!

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5 Ways to Boost Emotional Intelligence

Curious about your kid’s IQ? Studies show it’s best to concentrate on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) first. Dr. Laura Markham, clinical psychologist and parenting specialist, offers useful tips on EQ and how to foster it.

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Discipline Tips From a Modern Day Mary Poppins

No-nonsense discipline tips from a British nanny to make the hard work of parenting a whole lot easier.

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How to Defeat Morning Battles

It’s morning. You’re rushing to get out the door. You’re child refuses to cooperate. Now what?! Jody McVittie, MD to the rescue – with tips to ensure a morning without stress.

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How to Get Rid of Kid Clutter

Stained clothes. Puzzles with missing pieces. Fully completed coloring books. How can we as parents keep the clutter under control – and guide our children in developing a healthy relationship with “stuff?” Carolyn Koehnline, LMHC, author of “Confronting Your Clutter,” straightens us out.

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The Long Lasting Benefits of Summer Camp

If you asked me what I imagine heaven to look like I’m guessing it looks …