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The Room Parent Dilemma: How to Lighten the Load

Feeling strapped with all the volunteering commitments you’ve made at your kid’s school? Amy Mascott, creator of the blog “teachmama,” shares five tips to manage the load more effectively.

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The Danger of Labeling Kids

Shy. Aggressive. Observer. So many adjectives that define our kids. When and how can labeling harm our children? Lynne Kenney, shares her insight.

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Surviving the Big Move with Kids

Moving is one of the biggest stressors out there — and with the kids? Ouch! Kelcey Kintner, popular blogger behind “The Mama Bird Diaries,” shares tips on how she (and her kids) are grappling.

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What We’re Hearing

Kids react to gay marriage! Our littles’ time in front of the screen is surging and how to raise an optimist, are topics we gathered from around the web, meant to support and inspire our parenting.

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What We’re Hearing

A teacher in Mexico bucks conventional teaching methods and his students thrive, why love is action, and are we guiding our kids to be too careful? These topics are addressed in the posts we’ve gathered from around the web to support and inspire our parenting.

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What We’re Hearing

Can you sink a marshmallow? That question will be answered along with how to raise assertive kids and easy ways to spice up kid snacks and meals, in today’s articles culled from the web this week.

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Join our “Motherboard” To Get Your Questions Answered!

Get YOUR parenting questions answered by our league of amazing experts. Read on to see some of the Motherboard questions we’ve already answered and write your own question in the comments so we can get on it!

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Is Your Child Gifted?

Short attention span? Often frustrated? Is your child difficult or… Gifted? Child psychologist Stephanie Meyer, PhD, shows us the signs.

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Little Bullies? When Kids Leave Kids Out

Being left out is the worst. But does frequent exclusionary behavior mean your child is a budding bully? Get into the heads of our young children to find out how and why they turn to excluding their peers. Suzanne Fanger, early childhood expert, breaks it down.

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What We’re Hearing

Bullying, after school snacks and making bread with our kids are all included in today’s articles culled from the web this week.