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Get Your Parenting Questions Answered: Join Our “Motherboard!”

Got questions? We’ve got a team of renowned experts to help with all your parenting problems! Just tell us your needs and we’ll get on it.

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How to Handle Sibling Rivalry

How can we nurture sibling love despite sibling rivalry? The estimable Dr. Joshua D. Sparrow, MD, child psychiatrist, helps parents work it all out.

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Do Parents Pick Favorites?

Okay, you don’t have to admit it. But, if you – like most parents – find that one of your kids lights you up more than the others, read on for renowned parenting expert Michele Borba’s tips on minimizing favoritism fallout in your family.

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Making Room for Baby

New baby is coming! How can we help prepare our children for the imminent household revolution? Dr. Debra Lobato, PhD, lends us her words of sibling wisdom.