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Why You Need to Talk to your Kids about Race

Feel awkward when your child points out someone’s skin color different from his/her own? Grace Hwang Lynch says, it’s the perfect opportunity to speak candidly about race with our young kids.

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Autism Twitter Chat: Highlights from Our Community

With over six million impressions, The Mother company hosted a successful Twitter chat about kids on the autism spectrum. Leading autism experts, like Anna Kennedy, OBE contributed their tips. Read on for highlights.

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Join us for an Autism Expert Chat

We’re rounding up a group of professionals, bloggers and parents from within the Autism community to discuss the many issues facing parents of children with Autism. Join us!

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Embracing Your Child’s Adoption Story

Carolyn Bransby’s life story provides a unique perspective on adoption as she is both an adoptive parent and adoption consultant. She shares with us her way to help kids embrace their adoption story.

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Talking to Your Child about Adoption

“Where did I come from?” For parents of adopted children, this question can be especially tough. Astrid Dabbeni, executive director of Portland’s Adoption Mosaic, offers tips and resources for when and how to have those earliest conversations about adoption.

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Talking about Death with Your Kids

Explaining death to a young child can be extraordinarily difficult. Two experts from The Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families share some gentle and simple ways to tackle one of the toughest topics in life.

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Playing with Private Parts

Your child has discovered his/her privates and is unabashedly amused by this newfound pastime. Check out what Dr. Steven C. Atkins, author of “Talking to Your Kids about Sex” has to say about it.

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What We’re Hearing

Clothes for girls that they can actually move in! Revealing portraits of classrooms from around the world and parental separation anxiety are all explored in articles culled from the web this week.

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Discussing Divorce

It’s a conversation you probably never thought you’d have, so how exactly do you tell your child that you and your spouse are getting divorced? And how do you do it in such a way that helps your child feel loved and secure? Child development specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman has seven tips for turning that incredibly difficult discussion into a healthy, supportive dialogue for all.

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Nail Polish Boys & Trucker Girls: Gender Exploration in Children

In a world so structured by ideas of what it means to be a boy or a girl, what happens for kids who veer away from these gender “norms?” Stephanie Brill, renowned author and expert in childhood gender variance, gives us a window into the whys and what-to-dos with children who push the boundaries of our gender expectations.