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Raising A Boy In Pink

Author, Blogger and Mom, Sarah Hoffman, describes her journey to understanding when her 4 year-old son adamantly expresses his desire to wear a pink dress to school. In this moving account, we get a window into the process of navigating social constraints while embracing our children as uniquely wonderful individuals.

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Where Do Babies Come From?

Does your 3-6 year old want to know how a baby got in mommy’s belly? Did you panic because you thought it was time to have “the talk?” Wait! Not so quick! You’ll be glad to hear some insight from Dr. Gail Saltz, psychiatrist and author of, “Amazing You,” before you answer the Big Question.

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Where Did He Get Those Blue Eyes?

Growing up mixed race wasn’t easy for Christina Simon. Now, with two mixed children of her own, she’s confronted with how to discuss the tough and tender parts of racial identity.

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When You Don’t Like Your Child

You love your child with all your heart, but do you ever feel like you just don’t like him/her very much? You aren’t alone. Jennifer Waldburger, author, parenting expert and therapist, addresses this painful issue felt by many.

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Discussing Disaster With Our Children

Japan, Katrina, Southeast Asia and Thailand: it’s pretty scary to recount all the devastating natural disasters our world has faced in the past decade. What does the future hold for our little ones? When is the appropriate age to talk about how to react in an emergency, without engendering undue stress and fear? Melissa Brymer, Director of the Terrorism and Disaster Programs at the UCLA-Duke University National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, offers some helpful guidance through this difficult topic.

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Kids and Restaurants: Parents Duke It Out

Where do you stand on the debate about banning kids from certain restaurants? Sam Kurtzman-Counter, Exec VP of The Mother Company, shares a couple shocking restaurant experiences and investigates the culture of rabid judgment among parents.

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The Naked Truth

Get the naked truth about how to talk to your children about their private parts from sex educator Dr. Laura Berman, author of “Talking to your Kids about Sex”, and host of “The Dr. Laura Berman Show” on Oprah Radio. We heard your questions on FB and Twitter — read on to find some answers!