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What We’re Hearing

Slowing down, the wisdom of kids and those special “four letter words” are a few of the topics we culled from the web this week.

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Why You Need to Talk to your Kids about Race

Feel awkward when your child points out someone’s skin color different from his/her own? Grace Hwang Lynch says, it’s the perfect opportunity to speak candidly about race with our young kids.

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The Art of Manliness

Brett McKay, founder and editor of the popular blog The Art of Manliness, turns to the ancients for his definition of what it is to be a man and father in the modern world.

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Audio: Stay-at-Home-Dads Rap about their Family Role

Meet Dan, Jim, and Laren. These three stay-at-home-fathers, based out of Silicon Valley, are cleaning house, scheduling playdates and making dinner for the family, while their wives bring home the bacon.

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Living with Grandparents

“One day” my mother told me, “you’ll take care of us.” The Mother Company’s Founder and CEO Abbie Schiller describes her decision to move her family into her parents’ home.

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Mondays with the Mamas: LGBT Parenting

Family structure is diverse these days, and dialogue about what exactly defines family yields rich discussions. TMC President, Sam Kurtzman-Counter, talks about her thoughts on LGBT families and introduces our week of thought-provoking content.

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Mondays with The Mamas – A New Generation of “Mominists?”

In our new weekly installment by The Mother Co. Mamas, Sam presses pause on the kvetching to explore the idea that today’s moms have much to celebrate, thanks to the strength of our communities and the gifts of our foremothers.

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LGBT Family Resources, from “Lesbian Dad”

Living at the “crossroads of mother and father,” Polly Pagenhart, LGBT activist, editor and most importantly mom, hand picks a list of resources for info on LGBT parenting.

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In Your Words: Mamas Today

How much more do you value your mama now that you are one?! Read on to hear how prominent mom influencers feel their parenting style compare’s to their own moms’.

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A Lesbian Mom Speaks Up

LGBT activist, Kathy Young gives a window into the great obstacles and vast joys of being a Lesbian mom today.