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Tweens and Tech: Why my 10 year old won’t get a phone

In this digital age, how do we make sure our children understand the value – and dangers – of mobile devices? The Mother Company’s CEO and Founder Abbie Schiller grapples with the concept of her young daughter acquiring a cell phone.

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“The Friend Ship” – Learning to Make Friends

Before becoming a mom, TMC President Sam Kurtzman-Counter never really thought of friendship as a skill to be learned. Read on as she talks about watching her own child work through the process of making friends, learning tools that might not necessarily come naturally to young kids.

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Mondays with the Mamas: Positive Parenting

What do you do when you’re at your wit’s end as a parent? TMC President, Sam Kurtzman-Counter, offers some tips to help you reconnect with your kids and regain the positive in parenting.

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A Father’s Day to Celebrate

Abbie Schiller, Founder and CEO of The Mother Company, shares her father’s health scare and how it impacted her deep gratitude for his presence in her life.

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The Hard Parts of Parenting

Nobody told us parenting could be so tough! Abbie Schiller, CEO and Founder of the The Mother Company, relates, sharing her personal story of how the hard parts won’t get her down (at least not for long!)

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Top Articles of the Week

A little Friday pick-me-up, featuring four fun articles we came across this week, meant to support and inspire.

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Mondays with the Mamas: Accepting My Dad’s Limitations

It is so hard to accept the limitations of our parents, but doing so can lead to more peace of mind — so illustrates Sam Kurtzman-Counter, TMC President, by offering up an intimate snapshot of her relationship with her dad.

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Living with Grandparents

“One day” my mother told me, “you’ll take care of us.” The Mother Company’s Founder and CEO Abbie Schiller describes her decision to move her family into her parents’ home.

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Mondays with the Mamas: LGBT Parenting

Family structure is diverse these days, and dialogue about what exactly defines family yields rich discussions. TMC President, Sam Kurtzman-Counter, talks about her thoughts on LGBT families and introduces our week of thought-provoking content.

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You and The Mamas

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