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“The Friendship Show” Premiere!

Please join us Sunday, December 16th for the World Premiere of “Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show.” A fun, free celebration for the whole family! Hope to see you there.

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New Music Video from “Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show”

SNEAK PEEK from “The Friendship Show,” coming soon from our award-winning “Ruby’s Studio” children’s video series!

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Video – Our Scribble Press Art Party with Ruby!

We had such a blast at our Art Party event at Scribble Press on June 12th. Ruby spent time with the kids while they had meaningful fun making feelings books, coloring, watching the show and getting Mother Company tattoos & balloons! We made a little video for you – enjoy!

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Behind-The-Scenes of “Ruby’s Studio”

VIDEO — Learn about The Mother Company mission to create a gentler, healthier, more enriching alternative to children’s programming in this peek behind-the-scenes of “Ruby’s Studio.”

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“Ruby’s Studio” Show Opening

Here’s a sneak peek of the opening sequence of “Ruby’s Studio”! We hope you enjoy our theme song, sung by the lovely Inara George, and that you fall in love with our host, Ruby. Enjoy!

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“Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show” Sneak Peek Trailer

Watch a trailer from “Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show” and get a window into the fun, stylish, show that helps young children identify, express and appropriately move through their feelings. Every parent of a preschooler gets the need for this sort of thing!

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Happy Song Video

VIDEO — “The Happy Song” music video is certainly something to smile about. Here is our big musical dance number in our children’s DVD “Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show.” Watch it and then share it – spread the happiness!

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Animation Sneak Peek!

VIDEO — As our July 4th gift to you, we are releasing a scene from our show! This segment, “A Little Lesson on Feelings,” was made for us by über-talented artist Hine Mizushima, who made and animated all these characters by hand. This piece is intended to give kids an overview of where feelings come from, and to let them know that everyone everywhere has feelings, just like they do. We hope this little gem makes your family feel great over the holiday weekend. Enjoy!

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Introducing… Ruby!

We knew from the get-go that we wanted the host of our show to be a magical hero who would help our children learn all the social and emotional lessons they were tired of hearing from us. After an exhaustive search for just the right person to fill those shoes, we could not be happier with the result. It is our honor to introduce you to Kelsey Collins, the host of “Ruby’s Studio.”

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Check out clips from our first show!

VIDEO — This is The Mother Company version of the couples-on-the-couch interviews in “When Harry Met Sally.” Young children speak unscripted about feeling frustrated in humorous and honest ways. These clips are from our first DVD, entitled “RUBY’S STUDIO: The Feelings Show,” which will be available for the Holidays, 2010.