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Is the back talk and sass emanating from your precious child’s mouth getting you down? Dr. Michele Borba shares four doable tips to turn that bad attitude around!

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Is the back talk and sass emanating from your precious child’s mouth getting you down? Dr. Michele Borba shares four doable tips to turn that bad attitude around!

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Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show” fills a hole in the children programming void!

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For a limited time only, you can get a FREE digital download of one of our segments from “Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show” with a purchase of a full length DVD or download. Happy Summer from The Mother Company!

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Is our modern world so dangerous that we need to keep our eyes on our kids at all times? Lenore Skenazy, author of “Free-Range Kids” says children today are safer than ever before and we should loosen the overprotective reins. What do you think?

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Just because you and your BFF don’t have the same parenting styles, does it mean the friendship is over? Acclaimed parenting coach Susan Stiffelman offers tips for how to cope when friends’ parenting choices and values are very different from your own.

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Making the move for multi-generational living? Or maybe you’re just curious if such a living arrangement will work for you and your family? Read on for a big list of helpful resources.

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Searching for a discipline toolbox filled with tidy tips powered up and ready to adjust any discipline technique? Read on valiant parent, and reach in. Your tools are waiting….

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Looking for a parental pick-me-up? Then, check-out our list of websites, articles, and books to turn that parenting frown upside down.

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