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Raising Children to Stand-up for Themselves and Others

We all want to raise confident, emotionally healthy kids but, how can we get them to take it to the next level and step in when others are in need? Lauri M. Mattenson gives us five tips.

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Announcing Our Latest Bilingual Book: Un Pequeno Libro Sobre Sentimientos

Announcing our newest children’s book, Un Piqueno Libro Sobre Sentimientos, the first bilingual installment in our award winning books for children ages 2-6, aimed to encourage young children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

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Should I Let My Child Play Fortnite?

Digital Media and Families Specialist, Julia Storm, discusses the addictive nature of Fortnite along with helpful advice for parents who are struggling to unplug their kids.

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Ruby’s Studio is Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

Ruby’s Studio is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Developing a Child’s Self-Esteem

Ten insightful behaviors/attitudes to *avoid* if you want to raise your child with strong self-esteem with Wendy Young of Kidlutions.

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Raising Culturally Competent Kids

Caryn Antonini, founder of Early Lingo Inc, discusses the importance of raising bilingual, culturally competent kids in today’s world and shares tips for parents and caregivers.

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What are the Signs of a Narcissist?

Have anyone in your life who puts their needs in front of yours? Who will never, …

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Teaching Children to Accept (and love) Difference

In an increasingly global and diverse world, how can we teach our children to accept and celebrate the differences between people? Dr. Christy Tirrell-Corbin offers up some tips for parents on how to tackle this often challenging subject.

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How to Build a Strong Connection With Your Grandchildren

Author and grandparenting activist, Jerry Witkovsky shares helpful tips on how grandparents can build strong connections and more meaningful relationships with their grandchildren.

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Should You Force A Child to Say I’m Sorry?

Should kids learn to always say “I’m sorry” or is it an empty phrase if they don’t really mean it? As parents, should we enforce apologizing as a show of good manners or let those words go when they seem insincere? The debate rages on as child experts, Lauri Berkenkamp and Susan Stiffelman add their insight to the mix.