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Bully Proofing Our Children 0

Bully-proofing Our Children

Education consultant, Ellen Sanchez shares some valuable tools for how children can handle bullying, when to get help and the distinction between tattling and reporting.

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Raising Confident Kids

As our kids grow, peer pressure has power. How do we arm our littles with the tools to stand-up for themselves?

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Cultivating Kindness in Our Kids

Have an aggressive kid? Dr. Beth Onufrak offers rich and deep information on what drives kids to be more domineering than others, and how to guide them towards kindness.

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What to do about Bullying

Is a seven year old capable of bullying? Yes, indeed. How do we guide our kids that bully and are bullied? Dr. Robyn Silverman shares her valuable insight.

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Twitter Chat: Let’s Talk about Bullying

Twitter Chat: Join on us Tuesday, October 8th at 1pmPT/4pmET for a discussion about bullying and what parents can do to curb and guide the bully/victim roles.

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“One For All” – Teaching Kids to Be Helpers

Founder and CEO of The Mother Company, Abbie Schiller, talks about “looking for the helpers” during tough times and how she inspires her own children to become the helpers–helping themselves and others in need.

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What We’re Hearing

Clothes for girls that they can actually move in! Revealing portraits of classrooms from around the world and parental separation anxiety are all explored in articles culled from the web this week.

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Little Bullies? When Kids Leave Kids Out

Being left out is the worst. But does frequent exclusionary behavior mean your child is a budding bully? Get into the heads of our young children to find out how and why they turn to excluding their peers. Suzanne Fanger, early childhood expert, breaks it down.

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What We’re Hearing

Bullying, after school snacks and making bread with our kids are all included in today’s articles culled from the web this week.