Happy Song Video

If you haven’t heard “The Happy Song” performed by esteemed kindie rocker Elizabeth Mitchell (and written by TMC’s Abbie Schiller), now is your chance to hear and see the video together!

From  our children’s show, “Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show” available here, we bring you a delightful choreographed number involving over forty talented kid dancers, a marching band, a giant cardboard grilled cheese sandwich and one happy little hopscotcher.

The song comes from the perspective of a kid who lists all the things that make her happy — and then delights as they suddenly come to life in front of her.

We’d like to thank Emily Kay Tillman and all the talented Fancy Feet dancers (ages 3-14) who gave up a Saturday to make this magic happen.

The song is now available on iTunes and will surely make you and your family smile.

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