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Get YOUR parenting questions answered by our team of world-renowned experts!!

The whole purpose of The Mother Company is to help parents with their most pressing parenting challenges.  We want to make sure your questions are answered, so join our “Motherboard”: just write your biggest issue in the comments below and we’ll get on it!

Here are some Motherboard questions we’ve tackled:

Lori Cunningham of The Well Connected Mom wants to know how she can help her daughter feel grateful.  Parenting expert Annie Zirkel offers advice on instilling a sense of gratitude in young children in Pass the Gratitude, Please.


















Jen Rabulan-Bertram of NextKidThing is looking for helpful hints to guide her children through separation anxiety and meltdowns.  Here’s some tips from our team of experts:

Time Away From the Kids?
Heartache and the First Day of School 
When Your Child is Having a Meltdown

Stephanie Schwab of Digital Family Summit is looking for help parenting an only child.  Check out the two part series on Raising an Only Child with tips from Susan Newman, PhD and mom, Heidi Lindelof.

Thien-Kim Lam of I’m Not the Nanny wants to know how to speak with her children about upsetting issues.  Pattie Fitzgerald has tips for explaining violence and tragedy in our article Talking About Tough News.

Mitch Chaitin of Gay NYC Dad wants to know how to deal with back talk from children.  Read Jennifer Waldburger’s tips to tackle the “Three T’s” : Tantrums, Testing, & Talking Back.

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Want to join our Motherboard?  Comment below with your most pressing parenting problems and we’ll bring in our amazing team of parenting experts to help out!

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