Autism Twitter Chat: Highlights from Our Community


We proudly hosted a vibrant Twitter chat on April 30 reaching over 600,000 people, gathered to discuss kids on the autism spectrum. Our extraordinary event was co-hosted by some of the foremost Autism experts from around the globe and amazing parents like you.

Some of the best advice from our community included some of these most interesting and helpful Tweets:

Time for yourself important even if its a walk around the block and don’t feel guilty!

@Anna Kennedy1, Anna Kennedy, recipient of the British Empire for her significant role of service in the Autism and special needs community, author, and founder of two highly successful schools for children with Autism. Both of her sons are on the spectrum.

It starts from the top down. Model acceptance and our children will too.

@autismtoday founder Karen Simmons,  She’s a world leader, speaker and conference coordinator in autism information, research and resources. Karen is an author, speaker and advocate for children like hers who live life with special needs. 

Technology will help us move mountains but lets not let it take over too many techie minds. Socialization is sooo important [for children on the Autism spectrum].


Parents who have children w/disabilities are overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities. A break can go a long way!

@autismsociety VP of Development Lawrence Korchnak focuses on assuring that people on the autism spectrum are treated with dignity and respect.

Speak in direct and positive language.


iPads for kids w autism and other special needs is great. In school, it’s been parents and special education teachers leading the push for them.

@mospedteacher, Steve Glassner, a special education teacher, #mocochat participant

 We worked with professionals to develop a School Community Took Kit.

@autismspeaks Lisa Goring VP Family Services at Autism Speaks.  Lisa and an advocate for the implementation of those best practices in autism treatment, education, and services. She has two children, one of whom has autism.

My biggest challenge is getting people to understand my child and his needs without judgement

@cedessantiago, Mercedes Santiago, #mocochat  participant

 You have to have a sense of humour or you can’t survive. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

@sicilekira  Chantal Sicile-Kira is an award-winning author, speaker, and leader in the field of autism. Chantal founded in order to provide more information and training to parents and educators.

If Parents and teachers of non-autistic children show acceptance, will be easier for the non-autistic peers to do so.


We have to speak and advocate,tell our stories. Thats the only way to put a face on autism. No shame!

@stephiemneo, Misplaced NOVA girl, wife, special needs mom, insomniac & legal minion daring to survive on life’s terms with my sense of humor in tact & have a little faith.

The Mother Company sends a heartfelt thank you to all that directly participated, and to those that observed the chat. We hope we helped foster a sense of community and a forum highlighting helpful tips to all those touched by autism. Read the full transcript and be sure to join us for our upcoming #mocochat in May. 


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