Announcing Our Latest Book: A Little Book About Safety!

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June is National Safety Month, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest book: “A Little Book About Safety” — a companion to our award-winning “Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show!”
With vibrant summery colors, humorous characters, and familiar situations, “A Little Book About Safety” helps kids absorb tips and strategies to help them stay safe — with no scare tactics or “ick factor.”
Follow little Hugo and his hippo family for a day at the Happy Herd Community Pool where he has to make the safe choices in the face of new experiences. Will he listen to his “uh-oh feeling” when he uses the big kid diving board even though it scares him? What will he do when he can’t find his parents? Root (and learn) along as the Safety Butterfly counts out ten smart tips to help Hugo — and your child — stay safe!
Created in collaboration with Safely Ever After’s Pattie Fitzgerald, lovable Hugo Hippo makes learning safety tools age-appropriate and fun.  Topics include the importance of memorizing a Safe Adult’s phone number, covering up private parts when changing, paying attention to your gut “Uh-Oh” feeling, and remembering to “Check First” with a Safe Adult before going anywhere unexpected.
Official launch is June 9th — but order your advanced copy TODAY to get FREE SHIPPING with code SAFEKID (Offer ends 6/20/2014)! Have a fun and SAFE summer!
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