Upcoming Book Launch Event!

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Join us Sunday, September 28 from 10AM – 12PM at Kidville in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of our latest book, Miles is the Boss of His Body! Ruby will be signing books and helping with crafts, and the Kidville play area will be open for little ones to play.

Empower kids to protect their bodies with this charming new book!

Featuring familiar faces from the beloved When Miles Got MadMiles is the Boss of His Body follows Miles as he spends his sixth birthday fending off his well-meaning family, who just won’t stop tickling, pinching, and giving him birthday noogies. Miles finds the experience uncomfortable and draws the line, declaring that he is the boss of his own body.  The lesson is to empower kids to create body boundaries – to develop innate defenses for potentially dangerous situations.  After all, 90% of the harm done to children is not by a stranger, but by someone they know.

With holiday season (frighteningly) not all that far away, parents are going to be including their kids in potentially distressing social gatherings with relatives and friends.  “Give your Great Aunt Rose a big hug.” “Give Mr. Smith from down the street a kiss good-bye.”  We all remember those awkward moments, caught between being polite and doing something that felt uncomfortable.  This book speaks to that awkward situation.

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Be sure to RSVP at or by clicking the photo above.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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