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Sunday Night Self Care Series with our CEO, Abbie Schiller

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Sunday Night Self Care is a practice in self-growth and self-care. It can help you achieve more focus and productivity and kick off the week with a clear head and open heart. With so many spiraling in anxiety and overwhelm, taking 30 minutes to breathe, ground, reflect and set an intent, is a crucial step in self-care.

This is a series of 8 Sunday evening sessions (6pm PT/9pm ET), with a 30 minute mental prep for a successful week ahead. Sessions are losely based aroundthe needs of the group and teaching the topics of interest in areas of self care – including positive self-talk, compassion, mind management, understanding guilt and shame, finding answers when you feel stuck, and more. Sessions usually combine three elements: a check in, some coaching, and ending with a meditation for an intentional week ahead. All teachings of self-care and wellness are led by a professional goal-coach, Abbie Schiller, who has been practicing this for 7 years. You’ll leave feeling both empowered and peaceful.

The goal is to offer support, create community for support and accountability, and to mark the end of one week and the start of a fresh new one…together. This practice has helped many achieve their goals, gain focus, reconnect to a more meaningful and manageable life. This practice acts as a touch point in your week, a moment of calm and grounding, allows you reflection on your course, and contributes to your wellbeing.

Sessions will be recorded and emailed afterwards if the time isn’t convenient – or if you prefer to do the practice off a live zoom.


+ Weekly group mini-coaching sessions for self-growth

+The benefits of a weekly meditation to achieve calm and clarity

+Guidance around setting and achieving your goals

+A community that shares a commitment in becoming better humans

+Weekly follow up newsletters recapping the sessions with useful resources, the session recording, and inspiring thoughts

+A deal: all this value for the price of ONE private coaching session with Abbie


“What a difference this practice has made in my week. Sunday Night Self Care is my new self-commitment. And thanks to Abbie, I’ve learned how to keep a commitment to myself.” -Jennifer

“Really valuable tips. Appreciate the meditation. Best way to end the weekend.” – Reina

“Learning how to set weekly goals and accomplish them has been so helpful” -Neisha

“I now use the Grounding Meditation before important Zooms” – Ryan

Abbie Schiller is founder and CEO of The Mother Company, a multi-media organization created to “Help Parents Raise Good People.”

Since The Mother Company’s creation ten years ago, Abbie and her partner Samantha Kurtzman-Counter, have created and produced an Emmy award-winning children’s series called “Ruby’s Studio” which helps young children understand feelings, friendship, safety and siblings. The series airs nationally on PBS and internationally on Amazon and has spun off 12 children’s books that are now sold in 10 countries. The company has 6 other shows currently in development including an animated preschool show which will soon be announced.

Additionally, the company directly supports parents by offering free weekly expert sessions on topics from relationships and parenting to finance and education.

Abbie, who is also trained as a goal-coach, moderates all the expert sessions, runs small parenting support groups, and works with clients one-on-one, both privately and as part of the company’s offerings. She has been a featured speaker at the Moms for Social Good Summit, Mom2Summit and more.

Abbie and her husband live in Los Angeles with their two children, age 9 and 16.


The Mother Company has been supporting families with award-winning content for over a decade, offering expert resources for parents and teachers, books and television shows for toddlers through teens, live family events, and more. With everything we do, we aim to make parenting – and growing up – a more connected, more enjoyable, and less stressful experience. We are Helping Parents Raise Good People.



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