Cutting Through the Chaos: Live Discussion with Dr. Robin Berman

Dr. Robin Berman, author of “Persmission to Parent,” talks with The Mother Company about creating boundaries, self compassion and managing anxiety during a time of chaos.


Talking to Kids About Coronavirus: Live Discussion with Q&A

How do we talk to kids about this pandemic? How can we thoughtfully answer their questions when we have so many ourselves? From parent of toddler to teen, Dr. Cara Natterson is here to help guide us to communicate the importance and gravity of the situation without causing panic and anxiety.


How to Safeguard Your Sanity: Parenting in a Pandemic, Live Discussion

Please join us this Wednesday April 1st at 11am for a live discussion and Q&A with expert Jennifer Waldburger.


3 T’s Parenting Class

Los Angeles parents: please join us for this class to address some of our hardest parenting challenges – Tantrums, Testing and Talking Back! Jennifer Waldburger, LCSW has tons of sage advice to help us regain our sanity. Read on for details…


Come meet Ruby at Target!

If you are in the LA area, please join us for some FREE family fun at …


Dealing With Frustration – Expert Facebook Chat

Need a little help navigating through your little one’s enormous outbursts of frustration? So do we! That’s why we’re hosting amazing parenting expert, Jennifer Waldburger, for a chat on our Facebook page Thursday, May 17th at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT. Join us to get your questions answered!


Event: A New Approach to Child Safety with Pattie Fitzgerald

Event: Join us for a talk about child safety! Pattie Fitzgerald, Certified Safety Educator and Founder of Safely Ever After, Inc, shares her expertise about how to keep our kids safe without using scare tactics.


Event: Defiant to Cooperative in Three Steps with Noel Janis-Norton

Can it be?! Three steps to transform our kids’ behavior from defiant to cooperative? We’re there! Come join us for incredibly useful information on getting our kids to cooperate the first time we ask with renowned early childhood development expert Noël Janis-Norton.


Event: Dr. Pamela Varady Discusses Positive Discipline

The Mother Company Presents: Positive Discipline: The Gateway to High Emotional and Social Intelligence.Come join us at The Pump Station on Wednesday, July 17, for a parenting discussion hosted by Dr. Pamela Varady.


Event: Susan Stiffelman Discusses Taming the Power Struggles with your Kids

Parenting expert Susan Stiffelman offers tips and tricks in this parenting class hosted by The Mother Company. Join us Wednesday, May 29 at The Pump Station in Santa Monica.