“The Feelings Show” Wins Mom’s Choice Gold Award!

We are so thrilled to win this prestigious award, chosen by top figures in the parenting world — and moms like you! Many many thanks.


“The Friend Ship” – Learning to Make Friends

Before becoming a mom, TMC President Sam Kurtzman-Counter never really thought of friendship as a skill to be learned. Read on as she talks about watching her own child work through the process of making friends, learning tools that might not necessarily come naturally to young kids.


“The Friendship Show” Premiere!

Please join us Sunday, December 16th for the World Premiere of “Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show.” A fun, free celebration for the whole family! Hope to see you there.


12 News Arizona Midday

Abbie Schiller, CEO of The Mother Company discusses ways to unplug on 12 News Arizona Midday.


12 Tips To Get Your Kids School Ready

Kindergarten teacher, Susan Hamilburg, shares some excellent tips for parents on practical things like what to pack and tasks to work on along with how to emotionally prepare their children going in to the school year.


14 Small Ways I Practice Self Care

Abbie Schiller, CEO and founder of The Mother Company, shares tips for self care and why, as parents, it is so necessary to put on our own oxygen mask first.


2 Simple Tips for Positive Parenting

What do you do when you’re at your wit’s end as a parent? TMC President, Sam Kurtzman-Counter, offers some tips to help you reconnect with your kids and regain the positive in parenting.


3 T’s Parenting Class

Los Angeles parents: please join us for this class to address some of our hardest parenting challenges – Tantrums, Testing and Talking Back! Jennifer Waldburger, LCSW has tons of sage advice to help us regain our sanity. Read on for details…


5 Crucial Things to Say to Your Child—and 5 to Avoid

An insightful interview with the Mother Company mamas about the power of our words, what to say and what not to say to help our children in life.


5 Tips to Help Kids Resist Digital Distractions During Homework

In an age where digital distractions are everywhere we are sharing some tips to help you help your child so that homework time can be a little more productive and a little less painful.