Animation Sneak Peek!

VIDEO — As our July 4th gift to you, we are releasing a scene from our show!  This segment,  “A Little Lesson on Feelings,” was made for us by über-talented artist Hine Mizushima, who made and animated all these characters by hand.  This piece is intended to give kids an overview of where feelings come from, and to let them know that everyone everywhere has feelings, just like they do.  We hope this little gem makes your family feel great over the holiday weekend.  Enjoy!

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Comments (6)

  1. Anna

    Beautiful!!! Thank you so much, I am sharing this link with all my mama friends, and am so looking forward to seeing more! Wonderful job!

  2. rowe timson

    what an amazing production… my daughter just loved everything about it… i cant wait to see more!

  3. Marc

    These are truly great videos to watch with my kids. Thank you for giving us something else that actually makes me feel good about letting them watch TV!

  4. Ruby

    I heart boiled wool. It looks so cool.

  5. Leslie

    I love that my kids woke up this morning asking for the feelings video.

  6. Bruce Robb

    Very good. Sweet. Would make a nice interstitial, and you could sell it on that basis. Many children’s shows are made for the commercial market – 22 minutes for a half hour. But some broadcasters don’t show commercials during children’s shows – especially pre-school. And so where a commercial would normally go, they use interstitials – short animations. PBS and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) could be interested.