The Mamas

We are a group of
mothers on a mission.

Seriously. The amount of time kids spend in front of a screen today is frightening (recent studies show children ages 2-11 are watching as much as 32 hours a week!) And while we would like to encourage any parent who is letting their child view 32 hours of anything to cut it back, we also know that, as moms, many of us depend on those breaks so we can make dinner, send an email; catch our collective breath.

Abbie Schiller and Samantha Kurtzman-Counter are Mamas on a Mission to “Help Parents Raise Good People.”  The two high school friends reunited in 2010 with the common goal to redefine screentime: to create media for kids that would benefit (rather than harm them) and help promote lessons that lay the social-emotional foundation essential for a happy, healthy life. As moms, they both also knew that it takes a village – and thus was born to aid parents in their struggles to instill values and skills that could help build a generation of kind, considerate humans and make parenting a little easier. They love what they do! They get to work with great writers, animators, composers, and world-renowned experts every day – and even better, they get to connect with YOU, the amazing Mother Co. community of parents who care about raising good people in this world.

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Meet the Mothers...

Abbie Schiller, CEO & Founder

Abbie Schiller, the company’s founder and CEO, is known as an industry powerhouse, having spent over a decade in the business of communicating to and for women. Her background as VP of ABC Daytime PR, and as global head of Public Relations for the renowned Kiehl’s brand, have primed Abbie for her role as a read more

Samantha Kurtzman-Counter, President

Samantha Kurtzman-Counter is President of The Mother Company. Sam’s history as a film and TV Director/Producer of quality children’s content positions her as the perfect person to guide the “Ruby’s Studio” product line toward its goal of becoming a childhood staple for a new generation. Sam supervises, curating and contributing to the wealth of expert parenting advice read more