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To Divorce or Not to Divorce?

Is divorce always a bad thing? Can it ever be the best move for your family? Dr. JoAnne Pedro-Carroll answers all our questions about this difficult topic and how it may affect your kids.

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The Gift of an “Unhappy Ending”

How much should we protect our children from the realities of life? Are we doing them a disservice? Iben Sandahl, Author of The Danish Way of Parenting talks to us about the benefits of exposing our children to “unhappy endings.”

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Bloomberg Business

Read about the genesis of The Mother Company and it’s growth as a business.

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The Friendship Gift Set feature on’s recommendations for back to school 2015.

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WGN 9 TV – Chicago

As summer winds down and school begins, Sam Kurtzman-Counter, President of The Mother Company shares her tips for helping kids get back into a good sleep routine.

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CBS 13- Good Day Sacramento

The Mother Co. CEO, Abbie Schiller shares her favorite toys and books for getting kids outdoors this summer.

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Being a Dad: A Q & A with humorist Joel Stein

Joel Stein, author of Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity (one of our favorite books about becoming a parent), talks with us about his experience with fatherhood so far.

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12 News Arizona Midday

Abbie Schiller, CEO of The Mother Company discusses ways to unplug on 12 News Arizona Midday.