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Including Children in Mourning Rituals

Many parents wonder if they should include their children in mourning rituals. Lauren Schneider from Our House Grief Support Center says the answer is yes, and tells us why and how.

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Understanding Emotions

By Mary Hartzell – So often we are preoccupied with changing a child’s behavior and are unaware of the emotions that may have been motivating the behavior. When the sense of connection that comes from the sharing of emotions and a sense of feeling felt is absent, a child is usually not open to listening to us, even if we think we are saying exactly the right thing.

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Twitter Chat: Let’s Talk about Kids Acting Mean

We’ve all noticed the kid that acts a little too mean a little too often. Maybe it’s your child?! Our twitter chat will tackle tough questions about how to guide our kids who are inclined to act-out in mean ways.

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Healthy Competiton and Young Kids

Who doesn’t love to win? But is winning-at-all-costs what we seek for ourselves and our kids? How do we manage our kids’ (and our own) relationship to competition? Luis Fernando Llosa, journalist and co-author with Kim John Payne of “Beyond Winning: Smart Parenting in a Toxic Sports Environment” shares his thoughts and advice on guiding a healthy competitive attitude in our young kids.

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What We’re Hearing

Five top picks culled from around the web, meant to support and inspire our parenthood.

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Mondays With The Mamas: Making Memories

Just how important is it for us to unplug and spend quality time with our loved ones? TMC Founder and CEO, Abbie Schiller, rediscovers the joys of a simple family vacation.

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Mondays With The Mamas: How Hard Should We Push Our Kids?

If our kids aren’t all that interested in something we think would be good for them, how hard should we push? TMC President, Sam Kurtzman-Counter, raises some questions as to how tightly to steer the ship toward achievement at a young age.

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Top Articles of The Week

A little Friday pick-me-up, featuring six fun articles we came across this week, meant to support and inspire.