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Twitter Chat: Let’s talk about Siblings

Please join ​The Mother Company, ​ Dr. Laura Markham and Kids in the House​ for a fascinating chat about Siblings! ​Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 12​:30pm pacific/3:30pm eastern

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Join Us for a Safety Webinar!

Join The Mother Company for a  FREE webinar on personal safety! Talking to young children about …

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Event: Defiant to Cooperative in Three Steps with Noel Janis-Norton

Can it be?! Three steps to transform our kids’ behavior from defiant to cooperative? We’re there! Come join us for incredibly useful information on getting our kids to cooperate the first time we ask with renowned early childhood development expert Noël Janis-Norton.

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Event: Dr. Pamela Varady Discusses Positive Discipline

The Mother Company Presents: Positive Discipline: The Gateway to High Emotional and Social Intelligence.Come join us at The Pump Station on Wednesday, July 17, for a parenting discussion hosted by Dr. Pamela Varady.

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Twitter Chat: Let’s Talk about Disciplining Our Kids

You hear it at the park, at school and on the neighborhood corner. What should I do when my kid (fill the blank in here.) Join The Mother Company for a roundtable twitter chat featuring experts in the field of early childhood development to discuss how best to discipline our children. We want to hear what you have to say!