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Samantha Kurtzman-Counter is President of The Mother Company. Sam’s history as a film and TV Director/Producer of quality children’s content positions her as the perfect person to guide the “Ruby’s Studio” product line toward its goal of becoming a childhood staple for a new generation. Sam supervises TheMotherCo.com, curating and contributing to the wealth of expert parenting advice for which The Mother Company is known.  She is also a Parenting contributor at the Huffington Post. Sam’s 9-year-old son is her biggest inspiration (and biggest critic!) behind the “Ruby’s Studio” shows, apps, and books – and is also the driving force behind her ability to understand the daily joys and challenges of parenthood.

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  1. Mark Grose

    Hello, I would like to start by saying, “Thank you for providing a compassionate and beautifully produced show for children.” I’m a fan of Ruby’s Studio and I’m very passionate to assist in production for a children’s show. After researching the company I’m not an ideal candidate, but I have always desired to work for a show like Mister Rogers Neighborhood (Teaching The Golden Rule). I very much desire to help Ruby’s Studio in any way, shape, or form because I know you strive to help kids become the best version of themselves and loving leaders for tomorrow. I would very much appreciate an opportunity to help your company succeed in helping kids be kids in a loving environment.


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