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“Ruby’s Studio” Holiday Sale!

Want to give your friends and family the gift of increased cooperativeness and communication?  Now is the time!  “Ruby’s Studio:  The Feelings Show” is now on sale for the Holidays! For a limited time only, we are offering 25% off this beautiful DVD that helps young children understand, express and move through their feelings.  What better way to spread harmony and cheer?!  Visit our shop.

What parents are saying about the show:

“It’s remarkably witty, engaging and the best part of all–developmentally-appropriate and productive TV! My girls are mesmerized by Ruby and her explorative journey through the various feelings and stages of feelings and how to work through each one…  This is one video I feel good about playing in my house.” — Jennifer, mom of Addison and Hayden (3), and Vivienne (2)

“I told my son over dinner that I was sad today because I had a hard work problem.  He said two things, 1. If your parent is sad, put them in water. (So I went up and steamed – it did help!) and 2. Let’s watch the feelings movie.  Which we are now doing! — Amy, mom of Trey (5)

My kids love your show, and I’m enjoying hearing them using their feeling faces and emotions we have done drawings and all sorts of Ruby inspired activities, thank you !!!  So gentle and inspiring absolutely wonderful, we look forward to the next one!” — Melanie, mom of Quinn(6), Beck (4), Imogen (2) and Lennon (6 mos)

Thanks so much for all your incredible feedback.  Keep it coming, we love hearing from you!  Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy Holiday Season,

The Mamas of The Mother Company — Abbie and Sam
The Mother Company aims to support parents and their children, providing thought-provoking web content and products based in social and emotional learning for children ages 3-6. Check out the first episode of our DVD series, “Ruby’s Studio:  The Feelings Show,”which helps young children understand and express their feelings.  We aim to be a parenting tool… For you!
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