Friday Resource Round-Up: Generations Sharing a Home

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Multi-generational living as defined by the US Census Bureau, is when three or more generations live together. The United States is seeing this trend growing. The “sandwich generation” is a sub-set of multi-generational family typically referring to folks in their 40s, and 50s, responsible for the care of their aging parents, while simultaneously raising their own children. This is no easy task. According to Pew Research Center, the financial burden associated with this kind of dual care is growing. When you’re caught in the middle of two generations, what about the emotional toll it takes? What about just carving out the time to do what has to be done for everyone? What about you and your needs?

The following is a list of resources for multi-generational living. We’re hopeful you’ll find something helpful here. — Laurel Moglen, Managing Web Editor, TMC


Generations United is devoted to improving the lives of children, 
youth and older adults through intergenerational collaboration, 
public policies, and programs. This link connects you to a list of resources pertaining specifically to multi-generational living.

SandwichGeneration.com is described by The New York Times as “a survival course for The Sandwich Generation. Carol Abaya learned the hard way what it’s like to care for elderly parents. She wants to make it easier for others.” Her articles are available for purchase.

3GenFamily is a personal blog run by CK Wilde who has personal experience caring for her aging father while raising her two young children. Her resource list for multi-generational living was published in the New York Times.


Under One Roof Again, written by Susan Newman, social-psychologist, addresses when former parent-child relationships turn into adult-adult ones. She draws upon both personal experience and academic studies providing practical advice for the long or short-term multi-generational living commitment.

All in the Family, written by siblings, Sharon Graham Niederhaus, and John L. Graham, takes a comprehensive look at the issues confronting multi-generational households.

Together Again, is a guide meant to make the shift into multi-generational living go smoothly.


Grandparents.com: “When Families Live Together: A Survival Guide”

Chicago Tribune: “Multi-generational living offers companionship, challenges”

AARP: “Tips for Multigenerational Living”

AARP: “3 Generations Under One Roof”

Huffington Post: “Multigenerational Homes Benefit From Accessible Design The Entire Family Can Enjoy”

Kiplinger: “The Sandwich Generation: Caught in the Middle”

Kiplinger: “4 Ways for the Sandwich Generation to Help their Parents”

Kiplinger: “5 Ways for the Sandwich Generation to Help their Kids”


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