Perfectionism and People Pleasing: Live Discussion with Dr. Jen Douglass

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What are the traits of perfectionists and people pleasers and why do those traits work against the people who practice them? How do those traits add to daily stress? Where do they stem from and how can we work to move past them?

Join our Q&A discussion with Dr. Jen Douglass PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine (and @drJenSF on Instagram) for a deep dive into the psychology and to get tips and tools on how to manage better.

Part of The Mother Company’s series on Parenting in a Pandemic.


Dr. Jen Douglas has over 12 years of experience in mental wellness. She helps individuals overcome anxiety, perfectionism, and maladaptive behaviors to improve their everyday quality of life. Dr. Douglas also provides education on anti-burnout, assertive communication, mindfulness, and stress. Dr. Douglas orients her practice to be inclusive for all genders, races, and sexual orientations.


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