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Founded, funded and run by moms, The Mother Company is guided by the mission to “Help Parents Raise Good People.”   Our multiple award-winning shows and books not only engage and entertain young children (ages 2-7), but also nurture the social and emotional skills essential to become kind, communicative, and compassionate citizens of the world.  We created our first kids’ TV series, “Ruby’s Studio” because given the insane amount of time kids spend on screens (40+ hours per week!) we wanted a hero in the media who could help make that experience healthier. Ruby has gone on to capture hearts around the world on Netflix and Amazon and locally on PBS channels. The series nabbed an Emmy for Best Children’s series.

In addition, we are committed to creating helpful parenting tools here (and on our partner sites where we contribute). We provide world-renowned expert advice on the many challenges we all face everyday in our quest to raise good people.

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