The Mothers

Abbie Schiller, CEO & Founder
Abbie grew up in a creative family that used to make her sing for her dessert. At a very young age, she became fascinated with how companies reached out to consumers. At thirteen she wrote an advertiser in Seventeen Magazine to let them know their ad needed to be tweaked. She grew up, moved to New York, and got a job in PR and Brand Strategy helping companies find a stronger voice. She got to work with the smart people behind brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Champagne Krug, and she became the Vice President of Public Relations Worldwide for Kiehl’s. But all these cool jobs seemed a lot less cool after she had a daughter. Like many mamas who work outside the home, Abbie found it to be hugely challenging to manage the balance of a new baby with the inflexible expectations of corporate culture (6:30pm meetings = don’t see child). So one brave day after her daughter turned one, she left it all, took husband and said baby back to Los Angeles for a better life, closer to nana and papa, and walking distance to the beach. Back in Los Angeles, she rediscovered Farmer’s Markets, gardening, and her passion to start her own company that would make people’s lives better – both for the products it created and for the new kind of workday it offered career mamas. The Mother Company was born (it was just as laborious as giving birth – and just as worth it!) Now she creates songs and stories – some of which are still used to get dessert.

Samantha Kurtzman-Counter, President
The first thing Sam ever wanted to be was a firefighter. Then a dance teacher. Then President. (Her slogan was “Auntie Sam wants YOU!) But in 9th grade, she made the big decision to quit politics to become a filmmaker and she hasn’t looked back since. Her directorial debut (an adaptation of GREASE starring all her high school friends) was a big hit (among her high school friends)and her interests have stayed pretty close to that first project, though her audience has expanded a bit. Sam’s directing and producing work has now been shown on ABC, NBC, Vh1, MTV, Disney Channel, and in Film Festivals around the world, with highlights including: two 10 episode docu-series – one following a 13 year-old girls’ basketball team in Dayton, Ohio; one centered around a rag-tag group of high school musicians; and ONE SUNG HERO, a Sundance mockumentary about a “karaoke missionary” who changes lives through the power of song. And now that her most important project to date – her son Jack – is off to preschool, she fell hook, line and sinker in love with the mission of The Mother Company and jumped immediately onboard. Now she spends her work time collaborating with brilliant animators, musicians, designers, actors, puppeteers and crew who have joined The Mother Company team to make something beautiful and do good by the next generation. Her home time is spent eating artichokes and kissing little freckled cheeks.