The Show

“Ruby’s Studio:  The Feelings Show” aims to help preschool-aged children learn to recognize, express and move through their feelings.  Join Ruby on a fun, magical journey through art projects, animation, original songs and hilariously insightful interviews with real kids.

We are The Mother Company. We are a group of dedicated mothers and parents, just like you, in need of a new kind of children’s entertainment. Our content for 3-6 year-old children — high quality DVDs, iPhone apps, books and related products — focus on social and emotional learning: from the everyday concerns (feelings, manners, tantrums, friendship, healthy eating, sibling rivalry) to the harder-to-talk-about topics that some families face (illness, divorce, death). We aim to be a trusted partner for parents who strive to raise healthy, safe, well-adjusted children.

We are The Mother Company. We welcome you to become a part of The Mother Company, too.  Tell us your parenting needs. We are here for you.